Fashion and style

The fashion is a limitless possibility, which allows to find the unique style for each and everyone. When it comes to advisory - we are the experts who knows how to unlock your potential.


We specialize not only casual wear. Do your want to impress your second half or still in search for a partner? With our clothing you will simply look irresistible in any situation... Shopping also lifts mood so don't you ever hesitate to shop with us!

Parlor services

When it comes to beauty we have no rivalry. Our salon has all you'll ever need, starting from pedicure and foot-spa, ending up with extraordinary haircuts and face masks. While you are taking any procedures you'll have free massage.

Beauty Products

Find out about the latest products every woman should have. Facial creams, skin care, hair products and what not. All in great variety and easily affordable. Check it up and you'll love what you'll find.

About Us

Our salon boasts to work with high-end stylists and always offers only superb service. Will also write about fashion and beauty on this very blog.

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Their salon is really great... the service indeed professional and the staff is having a lot of fun as they work. This good atmosphere and attitude keeps me coming back.

Caralie Pashos

I've done a haircut and straightened my hair. To my finding it was flawless! I will certainly come back when it's time to do this again. My hair is kinda wavy and it takes a lot of care.

Kaitlyn Claffey