Designs and Fashions of Womens Hoodies

Fashion has evolved much for the past few years, especially for women. In current day’s society, ladies are free to select the kind of clothing that they want. Women’s hoodies are gaining grounds with all women’s clothing and not just because of making a style statement but also because it has proven to be a real comfy. Women’s hoodies are not very baggy as compared to those of men. They appropriately fit their bodies and hence make them feel comfortable. Many ladies like to wear hoodies with jeans especially those in universities. They prefer custom hoodies sporting the sports team they support or wearing hoodies of their universities. Continue reading

Quemondo sweatshirts

Casual wear has been given life and style thanks to Quemondo. Sweatshirts are a good piece of clothing when going out with friends on a weekend, when taking your family out and can come in handy while you are out on holiday. But the thing is, what kind of sweatshirt are you wearing? It is alright to wear what pleases your eyes but you have to factor in things like size, design, quality and durability. You have to choose the right material. At Quemondo, you will find sweatshirts for everyone. You will find men’s and women’s sweatshirts made from the best quality cotton fabrics. Cotton is a material that flaunts and underlines body shapes. Add an accent of elegance by picking the clothes that fit your size and flaunt your swagger. You will have a problem of choosing the sweatshirt that you want because there are so many varieties and designs to choose from! But that is a healthy problem, you will no doubt pick something after careful consideration. Continue reading

Get Sporty

The face of sportswear is changing every day. It is not the usual unfashionable element that it used to be. And you cannot blame people for getting it wrong in the past because it was usually a challenge blending sportswear and other pieces of fashion. Sometimes sports fashion is seen to be out of place when worn out of its purpose. There are stylish casual hoodies that can change that negative perception of sportswear. Have you ever heard of sporty and stylish? Then Quemondo are changing the way sportswear is being viewed. The sporty look is now a fashion statement depending on how you pull it off. It depends on how you match and mix them. Not only hoodies but jackets and sweatshirts can carry a sporty and attractive look. Not only for men but women can look fashionable and sporty when the occasion demands. Continue reading

How to choose the best Men’s Hoodies

Men’s hoodies are one of the clothing items that never go out of style for men. This is because hoodies have for a long time been known to go well with most of the casual outfits preferred by men and can be warm in any climatic conditions. This is why it is important to ensure you know how to go about choosing the right hoodies for men. This is especially important if you are getting the hoodie in the absence of the person you intend to take it to. There are several things you should put into consideration when you intend to purchase a hoodie for a man. Continue reading

Stay Stylish And Fashionable With Designer Hoodies

Sweatshirts with hoods known as “hoodies” now have cemented their place in the fashion world. Although the hoodie dates back hundreds of years, it was mainly recognized as a piece of apparel that was something to be worn during workouts. But the scenario is completely different now as you can find famous designer hoodies which can cost as must as a few hundred dollars depending upon the designs on it. So why exactly has the hoodie become such a popular piece of apparel? Continue reading